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The Process to Finding Your Home In Israel

The process usually involves the following steps:

  • The client engages Daniel to find a home in Israel.

  • The Client and Daniel will work closely together to establish clear criteria in order to meet clients' purchase objectives. The search only commences once the criteria is clearly understood.

  • The search will involve a number of relevant real estate brokers, or developers in the case of luxurious 'new builds'.

  • Daniel will then visit and appraise numerous properties in order to establish a shortlist of RELEVANT options for the client.

  • The shortlist will then be presented to the client providing full descriptions of the properties, together with prices, area information and other key information.

  • The client will identify those which are of most interest to them.

  • Daniel will then arrange viewings and accompany the client on each one.

  • Daniel can help to negotiate the correct purchase price on behalf of the client, and also advise of all 'other costs' which will need to be accounted for.

  • Daniel can introduce clients to lawyers who are honest, competent, and competitive. They can also advise regarding the most tax efficient method for the client to acquire the property.

  • Should the client require “finance“ for a purchase, Daniel will introduce an independent mortgage broker, who can source the best deal available based on the specific circumstances of the buyer.

  • Please find a link to a highly recommended architecture / interior design boutique company that specializes in assisting overseas buyers with building, refurbishments, and interior design: Sheinfeld Architects (website in Hebrew)

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