Why Choose Home Search Israel for Your New Home?

The purchase of a home, or second home, can be an extremely stressful experience, especially in Israel.

Common problems can include:

  • Lack of experience in the Israeli residential market, especially in the high-end residential market.

  • Lack of knowledge of where to buy, or more specifically where to buy within a given town or city.

  • Lack of time to identify/appraise high-end properties that truly fit your criteria.

  • Frustration with real estate brokers (who do NOT always act in your best interest).

  • Negotiating poorly against the asking price.

  • You live abroad and have nobody in Israel to act on your behalf.

  • No knowledge of honest, competent, and competitive lawyers, architects, etc.

  • Nobody to manage a refurbishment project for the property that you end up purchasing.

Daniel Knobil is on your side:

  • Daniel lived in London for 48 years, had a holiday apartment in Herzliya Pituach for 7 years, built a 450 sq metre house in Raanana, and now lives in an Apartment in central Tel Aviv.

  • Daniel has a great deal of experience in buying, developing, refurbishing and selling residential houses and apartments, especially in luxury markets, in London and Israel.

  • Daniel has lived in Israel since 2009, and does not want you to make some of the mistakes that he has!!

  • Using the services offered by Home Search Israel will not cost you any additional money. Fees are paid by the real estate broker out of the 2% purchase fee that you are required to pay in Israel, or directly by the developer in the case of a luxurious 'new Build'.

  • Daniel is honest, reliable and discreet he will be YOUR representative, acting on YOUR behalf.

  • Home Search Israel is a totally independent company, not tied to any agency, broker, developer, or landlord.


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